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hello world!! this page will be under construction until i'm satisfied. this site has been tested on chrome, firefox, safari with various screen sizes and mobile. enjoy my little showcase of things i've created and things i love!

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don't light my fire by otoboke beaver

otoboke beaver is one of my favorite bands. they're an all female punk band from kyoto, japan!

about me


hi, im melissa. i built this website with my own two hands using html, css, javascript and only a tiny amount of dark magic!

  • 28 years old
  • comp sci student
  • originally from florida
  • now residing in southern california
  • coder, artist, full time crybaby


  • color: green, hehe
  • food: japanese curry
  • animal: leaf slug
  • games: silent hill 2, persona 4, persona 5, silent hill 3, mass effect 2, fallout: new vegas, and final fantasy xiv
  • bands: alex g, perfume, modest mouse, joyce manor, and otoboke beaver
  • drinks: iced oatmilk latte and coke zero


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discord: hexgirlfriend_





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   / __________\
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  | |_________| |___________________________
  \=____________/ hexgirlfriend's  terminal )
  / """"""""""" \                          /
 / ::::::::::::: \                     =D-'

current mood: 🌧

current tunes: Eau D'Bedroom Dancing

current time: 8/20/2023 3:36pm

Hello! It's been a while. I've been playing a lot of Persona 5 Royal, looking for a new job and practicing coding. Also, watching a ton of Brittany Broski videos. I love her so much she is so funny and articulate. Her podcast has both serious moments that make me want to cry, and silly moments. So the craziest thing is happening... there is a hurricane in socal. So weird! I thought I would never experience another hurricane after leaving Florida. There was also an earthquake earlier today. Idk what's going on anymore. It kind of feels like the end of days.

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